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Mine has just vanished too (twitter.com/bluescrn) in the same way. Searching for 'twitter account disappeared' on Twitter led me here...

I haven't been tweeting anything controversial/ban-worthy, and was reasonably secure (unique randomly-generated password)

(No sign of other personal accounts being accessed, I'm now paranoid about my PC/password manager being compromised... but maybe it's just a Twitter glitch of some kind)

(edit: From my UK-based ISP, I can't see my account or /adrusi. But if I connect from a US IP address, via VPN, I can see both...)

Doesn't work on my home internet either, but — like my own account — it works on my VPS.

Was your latest retweet this?

PlayCanvas vs Unity WebGL: http://blog.playcanvas.com/playcanvas-versus-unity-webgl/ … #perfmatters #webgl #javascript #gamedevpic. twitter.com/kns1HD9nzH


FYI it looks like you were hellbanned for posting that tabloid link, which is unfortunate. Maybe we can get dang in here to fix that.

I haven't found any geographic pattern, with about 12 samples. If it's a region-based caching issue, it's not with coarse regions.

This is really weird, trying to create an account returns an invalid HTTP response, Twitter seems to be glitching badly.

Can confirm this issue, my browser ended up download an text/html 404 response.

Mine has also vanished twitter.com/tavsankacis and I'm from Germany

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