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Seems to work here (on Comcast biz ISP, maybe your ISP is having difficulties?)

Definitely not just my ISP, since it also doesn't work on keybase.io's servers, or on various other people's home networks (but it works on some), or on my cellular, or on a shell I have access to in the Netherlands.

I am having this same problem does anyone have an idea as to whats happening? They cant trace an email address or username and its saying there is no account with my username?

I created a post that's more likely to get wider attention from the HN audience [1]. So far it's not clear to me what's happening, it doesn't look like there's any kind of ISP or geographic pattern. Just in case though, it would be helpful if you could share your approximate region and ISP.

[1] http://adrusi.com/twitter-experiencing-serious-issues-for-ce...

I have the same problem too. Its saying it doesnt recognise my email address username either.

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