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Status of every startup incubated by Y Combinator and other seed accelerators (spreadsheets.google.com)
92 points by treyp 2557 days ago | hide | past | web | 28 comments | favorite

Doing some numbers:

When you add the acquisitions together you get $56 mill. Assuming that YC has an average stake of 7% they've made $3.9 mill from the acquisitions so far.

If you assume the expenditures to be $10.000 per startup that's $1.74 mill, since there are 174 companies in the spreadsheet. Also, since the YC guys need to get paid there's probably an overhead of $500.000 a year for five years. That's $2.5 mill. Adding the two numbers give you $4.24. mill.

So if you include a nice wage for the four YC founders they're not making a profit yet, actually they're down $340.000. Of course these numbers are wildly inaccurate, and don't include future acquisitions, etc.

Some places you can improve your numbers:

* They start with ~7%, but almost all funding deals mean they get diluted. The bigger the acquisition, the more funding the company has taken (in general), so the less equity YC has (which means figuring out the average, even if you could, wouldn't help you much because the bigger funding deals would get overrepresented when you multiplied average equity * big exit where they actually were down to <1%).

* The average investment is more like $20k. It's $11k+$3k/founder, so $17k for a 2-person company and $20k for a 3-person. I think that changed fairly recently though. I remember it being all 5's and 10's when I first heard about YC. Maybe $10k+$5k/founder? So that'd be $20k for 2 founders, $25k for 3.

There's also probably a decent amount of money spent to fly people out to the interviews. $600/startup, if you assume they interview 2-3x as many as they fund, that's ~$1200 more per funded startup, or an additional 5% or so.

Plus there's the cost of the office and utilties and dinners and such. (Just wondering, how nice/expensive is the food at the dinners?)

But I think they're operating with a trend that shows that they will be highly profitable when you consider all the startups that they've already funded that will exit.

I assume Dropbox and Loopt will change these numbers drastically. It is almost certain YC will have one 100M + exit from its pool of startups.

And Justin.tv is a UFC pay-per-view deal away from validating an entire industry... it is probably going to take them a while though, the UFC guy acted really angry at the congressional hearings on the subject of online live streaming video.

They already do pay-per-view online. They use silverlight for the smoothhd capability.

justin.tv/ustream are used to pirate UFC pay-per-views.

I meant that justin.tv may in the future negotiate a deal for them to sell legitimate, non-pirated UFC pay-per-view.

I generally was VERY conservative in my acquisition numbers. (I could easily make the case for bumping all the non-public prices by 50+%)

The way I've generally looked at it is that YC has generally broken even or had a small profit so far on the exits they've had. They'll likely generate their massive return once companies like Dropbox, Loopt, etc have their exits.

Don't forget, this time last year Sequoia injected $2 million into YC's new fund. Ron Conway, Paul Buchheit and Aydin Senkut all included.

That means the startups in Summer '09, Winter '09 and this summers are probably being seeded using that fund.

Hey, everyone. I'm the guy who originally put this spreadsheet together. Couple things:

- I welcome corrections!

- Acquisition prices are likely wildly wrong since they're just my guesses. (Again, I welcome guidance/corrections)

- This list is not exhaustive, though I'm trying to make it complete. I started it to help in my analysis of seed accelerators I did for my MBA thesis. (Insert MBA stereotypes here) I keep it going because I find it interesting and hoped people might find it useful.

Hmmm you previously had links to various companies. Did you remove such for a reason?

I haven't removed any links that I remember... which ones are you talking about?

There are so many on the list that I know will continue as apps but essentially aren't companies anymore. Those kinds of transitions don't come with a press release. So don't trust any math about those that have not exited.

Further, the really important stat for YC is the number of big wins. They still have not idea how many there will be.

The topic poster makes it pretty sure that he is NOT the author/editor. So stop posting missing info! If you think data should be added, e-mail jed.christiansen@gmail.com

I have emailed the author pointing him to this thread for corrections.

Lots of these comments (including mine, for example) were made before that comment was written.

it should be noted that even though i submitted this, i'm not its creator or editor. for corrections, you can email Jed Christiansen as detailed on the first sheet.

You're missing the third and fourth classes of the program I went through (AlphaLab) as well as an exit from one of the companies, and some deaths.

Hey, how do you estimate the acquisition price?

OT: That was interesting, watching Google Docs report anonymous users logging in to read the document.

How is that possible? All I get is a login page.

In Denmark there is also Startup Bootcamp: http://startupbootcamp.dk/

Would've been nice if this was editable.

Sad to have to point out that Kublax recently had to shut down their service, wish the best to the guys.

also the url for hypernumbers is hypernumbers.com

I can speak to the specifics of last summers class at Betaspring (our first class), if anyone here is interested. tsondermann at betaspring

Weddingbook was acquired (fbFund). Not sure of the price.

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