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Ok, I'll be the first person to admit I'm an idiot, but this stack trace doesn't make any sense. First, how am I to know this is actually from reddit.com? It's an image, so I can't grep through the trace. Additionally, it looks to me like the initial error refers to accout.py at line 68... maybe I'm blind, but I don't see that anywhere in the trace. I'm no python expert but I've looked at a lot of java stack traces and this makes no sense. Seriously. Why deliver this as an image? What sequence of events did you go through to get this result? Is it repeatable? If so, how?

I know reddit bashing is super-fashionable right now, but really. Am I being dumb? It's well within the realm of possibilities. But this doesn't pass the sniff test.

As for its authenticity, it was on reddit/programming a few days ago - http://reddit.com/r/programming/info/69ftg/comments/ - and apparently one of the reddit guys caused it.

Ok, I stand corrected. If spez did it, it's legit. Kudos.

account.py was included at the very bottom of the stack trace. The trace didn't include the offending line, though, which is kinda confusing.

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