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So what? If they're smart they dont need to work anyway...

I was "the" smart kid in my social circle. People that knew mr as a kid still ask me opinion on random stuff because they remember that.

But my adult life (I am 28 now) went nowhere precisely for this reason.

As a kid, I could literally skip all classes and homework, then figure the subject "on the spot" during tests, and score high enough to still pass.

This doesn't work as adult, but I don't know how to do it right now...

Me too. I cruised through all the way up through high school. When I got to college (UC Berkeley), the first paper I wrote, I got a D minus. Boy was that a wake up call. I had to learn to work a lot harder because the level of competition was so much higher.

A good practice to adopt to help with this: join a gym and work out 2-3 times a week.

Learn through the gym how to enjoy the process more than the milestones, and apply the same mechanic to other aspects of life. What's the next 2% improvement you can make to anything in your life?

This is the same attitude we held towards college degrees and look where we ended up with that.

Dont know... I am French and College degrees are free and quite cool around there.

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