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Penn Medicine - Predictive Healthcare team | Philadelphia, PA | ONSITE | Full-time

Help save lives by predicting the future. http://www.med.upenn.edu/predictivehealthcare/

We’re seeking both Software Engineers and Sr. Software Engineers to help us build out our realtime predictive application platform that will aggregate medical data from Electronic Medical Records (time series, imagery, text), social media data, wearables, and IoT to enable data driven app development.

* Collaborate with our data scientists, algorithms developers, and clinical partners to build our predictive healthcare platform that can reliably scale to the needs of the organization.

* Guide the planning and development at all layers of the data platform and user experience.

* Choose and deploy compute infrastructure (e.g. Spark, Kafka, Graphlab, MongoDB, Cassandra).

* Build frameworks designed to speed up and facilitate algorithm development.

* Develop a micro-service architecture designed to democratize predictive models for everyone in the organization.

You will report under Michael Draugelis @mdraugelis, Chief Data Scientist, and work directly with the rest of the Predictive Healthcare team.

If you are passionate about helping us save lives please email me at Michael.Becker2 (at) uphs.upenn.edu

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