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SEEKING FREELANCER | Sweden | Remote only | $10-$20 / hour, less than part time

Do you want to work one or two hours, one or some days each week?

The job tasks: Reading IT security vulnerabilities lists, and tag the vulnerabilities with tags like `nginx` `nginx-1.11` `nginx-1.11.13`.

Requirements: Being able to tag the vulnerabilities correctly. And being meticulous. And fairly fluent in (written) English.

How the work you produce will be used: Slightly save the world from IT security vulnerabilities.

I'm looking for more than one person for this job.

I would probably want you to start working for me via Upwork or Freelancer.com, because I think that's an easy way to ensure we have a client-freelancer relationship, not an employer-employee. And later, if Upwork or Freelancer does something weird (Upwork recently raised their fees 100% for example), we can leave them, because we found each other via Hacker News (so Upwork's or Freelancer's non-circumvention rules shouldn't apply).

You would work only a few hours this month (August 2016). Then, in September and onwards, a few hours each week.

Please send me an email, see my profile.

Kind regards, KajMagnus

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