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San Francisco, CA | FareHarbor | ONSITE

FareHarbor is hiring for a variety of product positions at our San Francisco office. From front-end engineering to product design and management, we'd love for you to join our tight-knit team building a best-in-class product in the activities and tourism industry. (See: https://fareharbor.com/jobs/)

FareHarbor providers reservation, operations, and logistics software to thousands of activities and tourism providers across the nation and beyond. We built this company from the ground up, have been revenue generating since day one, and are now on track to over $1B in bookings in the next 12 months.

The product team is small -- 10 people of a 100-person-strong team -- and intensely focused on product and client experience. If you're excited about building top-notch software for an interesting and exciting industry, drop us a line with a bit about yourself and the work you do at jobs+product@fareharbor.com.

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