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node.js - backend | Walmart Labs | SF - Bay Area

Have you ever shipped code that processes more than $1 billion annually? Well, here is your opportunity :) You can work on node.js at many companies, but only rarely can you have an impact on millions of people. In the store-services team @ WalmartLabs, we build tools that bring the in-store shopping experience on par with shopping online. If enhancing real-world experiences with technology is your passion, keep on reading!

We are nimble team operating like a startup, with the resources of a large company (allowing us, for example, to support open-source software). We control our product roadmap and development cycles. Most of us have worked at startups before. To achieve our vision of a unified shopping experience, we are building a team of excellent node.js developers and that is where you come in. We are looking for backend engineers with the following skills:

* Strong experience in server-side programming. Proficiency in a scripting language, preferably node.js

* Experience in designing clean REST APIs

* Experience in building fault-tolerant, high performance distributed systems

* Comfort with GIT

* Simple & fast deployments

* Comfort with the /nix environment and configuring it with tools like puppet, chef or fabric

* Having contributed to open source community. Reference to an active github repo is a big plus!

If this role excites you, drop us a line. We love what we do and are happy to chat! Feel free to reach me (Eytan) directly at edaniyalzade@walmartlabs.com.

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