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Along that vein I stuck an R-Pi into a radio and rigged it to autoplay all MP3s on an inserted USB stick. Then I gave my small kids (2 and 3) small cheap colored USB sticks with different albums on them (Frozen, dancing, kid songs, etc.). It kind of replicates the "insert disc" experience for them and they love it.

I have something similar to that too!

Mine is based on an R-Pi that I've got an RFID card reader hanging off, which triggers playback of music in Kodi (aka XBMC)

Here's a video demo I made ages ago of a very early version (before I learned how to capture the RFID reader prior to Kodi/XBMC grabbing it, which allowed me to eliminate the MK802 device): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwyq2xqjHW0

My toddler loves it and thinks that the standard interface for playing music is to select a card from the magnetic board and swipe it against the reader.

As a special bit of fun, I've also cut open some cards and bit the RFID loop into a few of her toys. When she swipes them the appropriate theme tune plays.

I worked on the system recently to add a web interface to manage the playlists and cards, but I haven't made the code available on github yet. Though I do have a repo with the old version here: https://github.com/Fuzzwah/xbmc-rfid-music

I've always wanted a big stack of record cover sized tokens that do this. Would love your latest code :-)

Is there a forum or a place where all you dad-hackers share and talk about your projects? I'm curious :)

Not that I'm aware of, but based on the interest in my comments here I feel like there definitely should be.

dad-hackers.club registered for 1$. Anyone got recommendations for forum software that doesn't suck?

Unfortunately no, I believe ‘forum software that doesn't suck’ is a oxymoron. Most big forums that I follow have lately jumped to xenforo, which is commercial.

Another option would be a Wordpress, with lax rules on posting, akin to how ludumdare.com is setup.

Could potentially do something with github pages? Use jekyll to generate the site and then accept pull requests for new articles then something (HN?) for comments?

Discourse is nice to use, especially because of its social login and Markdown features: https://www.discourse.org/

No, but I'll definitely use the site! :)

OK, I have a mailchimp signup form and a neat hot-air balloon from github! Sign up, and tell your Dads (and M{u,o}ms!).

The plan will be to use gh-pages to allow people to submit articles (write-ups of neat dad-hacks) and then something like disqus for comments. Help welcome!


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