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When turning the lights on require you to go through the 7-layer ISO/OSI stack. The future is dumb.

Wait, I can have a 7-layer ISO/OSI stack on a $5 computer!? The future is awesome.

Give it time, soon enough it will require GFLOPs, hadoop, and deep learning.

Which will all be fine when you realise that this will cost less in real, inflation adjusted dollars than a light switch at a hardware store in 1968.

The end result is an AI telling your child 'Shhhh, it's ok. Go back to sleep' and humming a lullaby. I'm OK with this too as long as we ignore the dystopian possibilities.

I have good news for you: The dystopian possibilities are already here, so we'll at least get the usability for free!

Computing power trends towards infinity, while computing price trends towards zero ;)

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