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I took my laptop to get upgraded to Windows 10 in the store. They claimed I would get a free laptop if they couldn't complete the upgrade that day.

They asked if I had a backup I said no. Then I was told it would take 7 days!! So I made my own backup (2h)

I went back in and asked them to upgrade. They plugged in some USB stick and ran some program. A command console window appeared and the process halted. The tech was confused. A manager looked at it. Then I was told it would take 5 days!! I asked for my free laptop. Oh, sorry you don't qualify cause you Win8 system has some unknown issue. WTF!?


This does sound bad. They owe you the laptop, as their advertising clearly claimed.

I was at first trying to upgrade myself and ran into a Blue-Screen, at which point it automatically rolled back to Windows 7, largely successfully. Then I saw this add for a free laptop and was confident that those people there would fail to upgrade for sure, and I would pocket this laptop!

Based on your experience, I am glad that I did not get time to go there, and then figured it myself over the weekend. (It turned out to be two incompatible drivers, even though the compatibility assistant had not find stoppers for the upgrade.)

Did you get their refusal in writing, or otherwise record it? If so, you may have a small-claims case for the value of a new laptop, your time and damages.

I don't feel like fighting M$ for a crap-top. I've got a business to run. It's a waste of my time.

Also: only reason for upgrade? My customers have Win10. I wanted it for testing only.

And the upgrade blocker from in the store? Cause syslinux was my bootloader and Win update fails if Win is not the active partition.

Did my own upgrade a day after, took about 3h

People are getting harassed because the upgrade is too automatic and you took your laptop to a store to get upgraded? I must say Microsoft has managed to fuck it up more than anyone could have imagined.

I almost tried to do this, since my main desktop wouldn't do an upgrade install. But I decided I'd rather pass on a cheap laptop than risk low wage store employees tinkering with my main PC. Ended up having to do a fresh install, because the Microsoft Answers site is useless. (MVPs just spam post generic troubleshooting tips, the Microsoft support engineer never responded a second time, etc.)

You'd probably just get a free Microsoft laptop with terrible firmware anyway.

Windows said an upgrade to Windows 10 was fine on my Dell Vostro, it was correct, until it installed a graphics driver that caused the screen to go blank. Turned out a BIOS update fixed it, but that's no good for a normal person. The next day they announced you couldn't turn off ads in Windows 10 Pro.

Was this a Microsoft store? Please excuse my ignorance, the sibling commenter suggests this was an offer in advertisements, but I do everything I can to avoid them.

Yes, Microsoft Store, University Village (just across the lake from the corporate HQ)

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