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Hi, I'm one of the primary developers of Moby-Scheme. If you have any questions, please let me know!

hi i encoutered a problem while installing moby and running moby from command line. this is what i did........first i installed plt-scheme>=4.2 and then downloaded moby source.created a directory called work and placed the moby source there.then add a PLaneT local link to the moby directory by $ planet link dyoo moby.plt 2 <<some-high-number>> moby where i replaced some-high-number by 5

after this i navigated to moby directory and $ cd moby/examples

$ mred ../src/moby.ss falling-ball.ss

to which i got the following output

/home/deepak/work/moby/src/moby.ss:77:44: compile: unbound identifier in module in: Loc->string

=== context === standard-module-name-resolver

can u suggest wat went wrong?? is anything wrong wid my installation??????

Are there any opengl bindings for Android in Moby-Scheme?

For the moment, we're focusing on providing support for 2d world-style programming. We haven't looked into OpenGL bindings.

Is there a way to escape into html / javascript in moby?

We're going to revamp the HTML support so that users can write the heart of the DOM in a separate HTML file.

As for access to Javascript, not yet. Although there is an undocumented hook to get at Javascript objects and attributes, it isn't ready for consumption.

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