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Highly recommended, this tutorial got many people (myself included) started on Rails. The parent link is to the free-online version, but I do suggest folks who have benefitted from this give back to Michael by spending on the paid version:


No affiliation at all, just want to encourage support to a resource that has been a net-positive to our ecosystem.

I like that it doesn't use the CLI. I've always wondered who uses code generators. My sense is that experienced developers do not. And that novice developers are better off cutting and pasting. I personally loathe code generators which is one of the reasons I've never gotten in to Rails (I know I can do it without but seemingly all the instruction uses it).

Rails guy here of 10+ years (started before 1.0).

Still use the generators. It sets up the model, the tests and fixtures all in one command. It's a productivity win for me.

Been doing rails for 3 years and web dev for 8. Scaffold generators are terrible but model generators save time on boilerplate code and give me most of what I want. Test libraries can hook into this process as well saving further time. Rails has plenty of drawbacks but I see some of the CLI capabilities as a strength IMHO.

It's the model generators that especially give me pause. I like to noodle around with my fields before putting them in place. I love designing my models in code.

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