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ok for the 3d printing of the "structure" but then how to make it reflective? do you use regular allumination chamber or what technique ? which precision you can achieve to validate the prototype ?

I've had outstanding luck with this paint (1).

Print your model in ABS. Smooth it by putting it in a paint can on a little stand with some acetone soaked rags below for about 1/2 hour. Paint with some of this paint. You will be amazed.

(1) https://www.amazon.com/Krylon-1010A-Premium-Metalic-Original...

Obviously it's for a metal 3d printer...

I don't think so. The cost would be extremely prohibitive. It would be far cheaper to print it in plastic and then add some reflectie coating.

Most metal 3d printers simply don't have the surface finish to make this feasible, never mind cost (it'd be ridiculous).

I guess i should have added a ;-).

Although the laser sintering printer downstairs produces quite nice surface finishes. Not good enough for an optical mirror, but definitely good enough for mm-wave antennas.

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