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There is no limit to satire , there is only limit in the head of uneducated people. The debate need to be shut before it's even opened. You should not have to censure yourself (when doing satire) because you are scared of offending people. Otherwise , any group can claim to be offended by anything , and you give them power on you. What if vegetarian decide it's offensive to eat meat ? What if I decide that eggplant are offensive ? What if I decide it's offensive to be offended ? There is no end to this. Let's limit freedom of speech at the hate speech mark and allow the rest , legally and in practice.

"Let's limit freedom of speech at the hate speech mark"

Ok, but where's this limit? Who's to say what "hate speech" is? This line is subject to all of the arguments that you just posed.

I wish we could be honest with each other and admit that these limits are fucking arbitrary and only extend as far as ones means to enforce such. Everything else is just pandering to more human status games with some games being more optimal for certain societal outcomes over others.

They are arbitrary, and reflect the biases of those in power. This is because effective satire demand widespread dissemination, and those in charge of the means of dissemination are the very rich. Also, increasingly those who are in charge of our creative culture are rich and monocultural, and satire is used as a tool to suppress.

This will probably turn out to be wrong, but I will take a stab at it:

Calls to violence or discrimination.

Ok, so what's discrimination?

I agree.

This whole concept of "hate speech" is preposterous to begin with. I prefer the conception of free speech practiced here in the United States. I hate those Westboro Baptist Church people who stand near soldiers' funerals with "God Hates Fags" signs but I'd die for their right to do it.

Will you also die for my right to stand at your bedroom window and sing my chants of hatred to you all night long?

Trespassing on my property for the purpose of harassing me is not equivalent to protesting in public.

If you happen to be from United States, you should probably know there is no hate speech exception to the first amendment. Hate Speech is protected speech. Hate Speech with Satire is protected. Other than inciting violence such as "Let's burn this down!" (Happened in the case of Ferguson, MO) you can say what you please. Somehow in the case of Ferguson, there were no charges to my knowledge.

> The debate need to be shut before it's even opened.

> You should not have to censure [sic] yourself


"That salad is totally grossing me out". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0O_VYcsIk8

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