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Still waiting. They need to prioritize 3 things IMHO, and those are 1) GEGL integration - this was claimed to be 80 percent done in 6 weeks (several years ago). Updating core code and libraries should be done quickly, not spread out over years concurrently with other development. 2) Update to GTK3. How can a flagship OSS program still be using a many-years-old GUI toolkit? And finally 3) Wayland support. This will be easier with GTK3 and is still slightly future-looking, but I'm writing this on a Wayland desktop so it won't be long before GIMP on the whole is completely built on outdated technology. I know all of these are in the works, but it seems like a nice sprint could get each one done in a month or two at this point. Yet here we are seeing another blog about anything but these...

It would probably be done in few months, if GIMP had a few full-time developers. But as it stands, with people working in their free time, don't expect miracles. If anything, I find it amazing that it's still developed at all.

You mean completing and releasing 2.10 should be a 4) in your list? :D

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