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Not that sure about that. For every vagina there has to be corresponding dick for the whole cheating thing to work. So I guess cheaters are roughly equal between sexes.

>So I guess cheaters are roughly equal between sexes.

For it to be cheating you need to be married (or in an exclusive relationship) in the first place. If the other party is not, then they're not cheating anyone themselves.

So, if it mostly happens between married men and unmarried women, for example, cheaters don't have to be "roughly equal".

And what are the unmarried men doing in the meantime?

Well, for one they can't cheat their wives, because they don't have any.

As for cheating with married women, in China woman's infidelity is much lower than that of married men infidelity.

"In a representative sample of urban Chinese – 3.9% of married women and 20.6% of married men reported to have the experience of extramarital sex in the past year".

So just because each dick needs a corresponding vagina (and vice versa) doesn't mean that infidelity between sexes is equal. There are other factors in play too.

Not at all. It's not like it's a 1-to-1 relationship, after all.

So I guess cheaters can only cheat with other cheaters...

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