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What's the point though? Wouldn't the husband just end up with a different mistress?

I mean they do not resolve the problems in the marriage that led to the situation. Do these women believe it's a one time thing? or that that specific mistress is special?

The distinction is probably lost, but a mistress is someone the husband has emotional feelings for (and what scares the wives is their ability to manipulate their husbands). It takes time to find someone like that and build up a new side relationship. It could happen again, but they're hoping not quickly.

This is different from sleeping with escorts and other transactional women, which a lot of wives are comfortable with and attribute it to the way business works (taking clients out drinking, etc.).

Escorts are considered part of how business is done in China?

Not all the time, but common enough that no one is shocked and it's not a secret that business men engage in these activities.

"While the counselor goes to work, the mistress-dispelling service advises the wife on how to make herself more attractive to her husband."

While this sounds sexist, would any husband actually argue against that part? Let's be frank, here

That was what I found so strange about the wife's relief in the article. The husband probably has other employees.

Repeat business!

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