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But how will this work in, say, LA or New York? A friend of mine in NYC had a lovely wife who divorced him after discovering his serial philandering. He said there were young women throwing themselves at him all the time. (He's wealthy.)

The stigma isn't as strong here as it is in China, either. And he ended up paying for the divorce.

On the other hand, she's not as well off financially as she had been. It was emotionally difficult for her as well, but the root of that problem was deeper than the symptom.

Not sure that this service would work here.

I doubt it would work in the US, too. Not only is the stigma against divorce now almost non-existent, we have no-fault divorce law. And people marry and divorce at a higher rate than ever before. It's easy come, easy go. And I would say that our system has a lot of bad effects, too: broken homes and single-parent childrearing are crippling our social structure.

The divorce rate peaked in the 80s and has been declining ever since in the States.

Here's the last 15 years, but can't find the full data set right now: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/marriage_divorce_tables.htm

It's amusing that these statistics are on the CDC website.

What's amusing about that? Divorce can be devastating to a person's physical and mental health as can many other social problems. So it seems logical to me that the CDC tracks this.

Similar to Global Thermonuclear War in the movie WarGames, the only winning move may soon simply be not to play :O

Yes but marriage rates have also been falling. No marriage no divorce.

The major alternative to divorce is dysfunctional families which is similarly crippling to children.


Also false dichotomy. We do not know the percentage of successful marriages with undiscovered affairs.

How about counseling? That is a pretty grim view.

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