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GIMP is a handy tool: I use it for a lot of my image editing needs, for when very basic tools won't do. I rarely need the power of PS, and can't afford it anyway (although I do miss that magnetic lasso: GIMP's magic scissors don't quite have a good enough algorithm). All of this talk about the future is exciting.

However, yes, GIMP is quite rarely an acceptable replacement for PS, and I find this unlikely to change any time soon.

Also, GAP is really, REALLY, REALLY awkward and unwieldy to use. I would reccomend Synfig Studio for animation instead.

GIMP's new (though not actually young) engine - GEGL, contains ffmpeg frame sources and sinks, provides a good abstraction for creating interfaces better than GAP for animation or video editing - see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJJPgLGrSgc for an example of a video that has been edited and encoded using GEGL this year.

Well, yeah, but why would I write a new interface, when Synfig is already there and, to some extent, comparable to Flash?

Synfig focuses on more cartoon based vector animation. What GEGL provides good foundations for doing is video editing/compositing with keyframed properties for filters.

As mentioned in the linked article of this story - having an eco system of applications using GEGL would benefit both these applications and GIMP - since they would be sharing image processing operations and plugins.

Well, I AM doing cartoon animation. Although video editing/compositing is always handy. Do you know if sombody's created a UI for this stuff yet?

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