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I don't see a lot of discussion around the brine. In previous reading brine will eventually create areas in seas where fish and other life starts dying off because of the extreme salt content.

This article mentions the brine "is just pumped back into the Mediterranean", but don't they need to be concerned about killing fisheries?

Here are a couple of reports on the marine impacts of desalination.

Documents are in PDF form

Key Issues in Seawater Desalination in California: Marine Impacts http://pacinst.org/app/uploads/2013/12/desal-marine-imapcts-...

Desalination Plants: Potential impacts of brine discharge on marine life ftp://ftp.pcouncil.org/pub/Salmon%20EFH/338-Danoun_2007.pdf

The article mentioned one installation was going to channel brine back to the dead sea, so if you've got a super salty body of water nearby, brine problem = solved!

False. The Dead Sea is already rapidly drying up due to climate change; pumping even more salt in will only hurt.


This is only true if the brine content being offloaded is greater than that of the Dead Sea now.

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