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I think you would be quite silly to just outright accept intelligence agency declarations of "it was Russia". As history shows, not only are these people frequently ignorant to technical realities, but political reasons at every single layer of these organizations obscure and pervade the truth.

Of course it's not just intelligence agencies saying this. There's plenty of independent investigations [0] and they are pointing the same direction.

There's the metadata on the leaked files indicating that at least the metadata was modified with a cyrillic computer. There's reports from two separate security firms implicating the same two Russian based actors. There's the fact that "Guccifier 2.0" had no online presence until after the the Crowdstrike report implicating Russian intelligence services. There's the fact that "Guccifier 2.0" claims to Romanian, but can't type fluent Romanian (I've heard this independently from a Romanian I know), and drops smilies typical in Russian forums, but not Romanian.

None of this is fire, but there's plenty of smoke.

[0] https://www.wired.com/2016/07/heres-know-russia-dnc-hack/

I think this a good article explaining why there is not enough evidence in the public linking the DNC hack to Russian secret service:


The IP-address ( that links the DNC hack to the Bundestag hack is a machine in France (appearantly) controlled by a Pakistani hosting company. This article says the machine was closed because of abuse over a year ago. The material in the DNC hack is just one month old:


I agree with this very much. The WMDs are an example of intelligence errors as casus belli. It's important to keep in mind the political context as well, with Cold War II emerging from the last NATO summit http://www.salon.com/2016/07/12/the_west_escalates_with_russ...

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