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I don't get why this is not top on the agenda for the scientific community and the government. Huge amounts of research money is lost in repeating stuff that doesn't work. Huge amounts of money is lost chasing broken science.

I blame this on the neo-liberal ideology. This intense focus on getting money's worth, on tying grants to specific goals, counting publications etc. Driving research exclusively on a very narrowly defined money incentive has driven us further into this sort of mess. The money grabbing journals which has prevented any significant innovation in how science is shared.

I think what science needs is a model closer to that of open source. With open projects anybody can contribute to but where verification happens through personal forged relationships. The Linux kernel code quality is verified by a hierarchy of people trusting each other and knowing something about each others quality of work. Work should be shared like Linux source code in a transparent fashion and not behind some antiquated paywall.

I don't think the grant system can entirely away, but perhaps it should be deemphasized and instead pay a higher minimum amount of money to scientists for doing what they want. Fundamental science breakthrough doesn't happen because people had a clear money incentive. Neither Einstein, Nils Bohr, Isaac Newton or Darwin pursued their scientific breakthroughs with an aim of getting rich. Few people become scientists to get rich. Why not try to tap into people's natural desire to discover?

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