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I'm Indian and I live in Delhi. Yes it's pretty bad and it's a consequence of the massive population that exists in Delhi. Having said that...we are trying.

Delhi has much stricter vehicular pollution norms than other Indian cities...and it adopts them first. All public transportation in Delhi runs on compressed natural gas. The first city in India to introduce Singapore style partitioning of vehicular traffic (the odd-even scheme was accepted enthusiastically By the common man at the cost of inconvenience). The Delhi Metro rapid rail is a feat of engineering having covered the entire city in record time under existing buildings that are hundreds of years old. There is general acceptance of traveling in the metro (where seeing people working on laptops is common).

In general as opposed o places like Bangalore the drive to create sustainable civic infrastructure is a commonly held belief and translates into local politics.

It will take time...but we are getting there.

Did they also add sewer and fiberglass lines alongside the metro lines? Just curious.

actually from what i know - inside the metro lines. The metro is planning to carry a lot of bandwidth now.

>fiberglass lines

*fiber optic

Yes I figured. Which is why I was replying about bandwidth

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