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The action search feature is nice. I like it that more software is getting search-across-all-menu-entries.

I'd have really liked Ubuntu's HUD menu-search to have become a standard on the Linux desktop; adding search-across-menus would become much easier for softwares, most wouldn't need any addition of code.

It's one of the better features built into OS X, ⌘⇧? will search through all menu items, combined with ability to assign a shortcut to one even if it had none originally.

Yes, as someone who doesn't use Ubuntu and complains loudly about it my biggest annoyance is I really want to use it, I just don't want to fight something as basic as alt-tab every time I use my computer.

Same goes for Mac: So much polish, so much attention to detail, so much goodwill, - all ruined by a few IMO weird choices.

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