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Bangalore is no different. I hate to sound stereotypical and complain about the utter lack of infrastructure here but I have no choice. I grew up in Bangalore and only a decade ago, things a were a lot better.

The city drew millions of people from across the country in the last few years and simply hasn't keep up. Add to that an incredibly unstable state government and you have a city that can no longer service its residents. There's garbage everywhere, rude people, broken roads (which when left that way, attract more garbage because no one really cares anymore) and a complete lack of civic responsibility. The monsoons have made it worse! People get stuck in traffic jams for hours. Even in nicer neighborhoods, we lose power for half a day because of the rains.

I'm a proud Indian but I lose complete hope when I observe the current state of Indian cities.

Yep, I stayed in Bangalore for 3 months. For one or two months there we had daily 3+ hour power outages. I lived in the outskirts and when taking a bus to Bangalore Proper, it can take 3 hours standing in a packed and overheated bus. There are animals roaming around and garbage everywhere. I had giardia (a kind of intestinal parasite) from unfiltered water resulting in diarrhea 5+ times a day for half my time there. The landlord didn't rent by contract and the terms and payments kept changing. No one wanted to sell a foreigner a sim card so I had no sim the entire time.

For its reputation as a garden and tech city, I'm not impressed.

I call myself a Bangalorian now, but I have been here for 16 years. Not born and brought up in Bangalore, so some of you will cringe at my claim at being Bangalorian. I love this place because it gave me a career. There is no other place in India that I would be willing to move to. BUT, I am now worried about this city and the future my children have here (if they choose to continue to live here). Just yesterday, after a dinner with a couple of friends, we ended up discussing if there is a better place to go to in India. The answer, as always, was -- no. If I want a better life (which includes decent job opportunities), the only way out is to move to a place outside of India. I wish this was not the case.

It is sad that the success of the tech economy in Bangalore hasn't resulted in increase in services and infrastructure. Is this just due to corruption? I would think the tax coffers would be really large in the capital city.

curious, what are the regional options? singapore comes to mind but is extremely small and i presume therefore limited/difficult. are malaysia/indonesia/vietnam open to skilled immigrants?

I am into software product development and hence malaysia et al don't look promising. The alternatives I have considered are: Australia, Luxemburg, US, and UK, in that order. However, these are not regional options.

Wait, Luxemburg has a software industry?

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