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As someone who just spent 30 minutes setting Paw up for my needs, here is my review. Unfortunately, it is not worth $50. It's not the price point itself, it's the fact that the app is too unpolished to pay any amount. After the first 30 minutes, I won't be continuing - and would not even if it were free.

The application hijacks mouse events for custom widgets that don't function as expected. It takes far too much pointer precision to manage the request list and the groups. Half the time the drag-and-drop glitches so that you are highlighting rows without actually having the item with the cursor. You also cannot drop a group to the end of the list. Similar problem in the environments config window: add a second environment for a variable; the column widths are too short to see the variable's value, so you try to resize the columns and it doesn't work even though the resize icon appears on hover.

The "JSON" response format is hideous and for some reason the default. The "JSON Text" format is what I want and switch to, but this fact is not remembered and every single new response resets back to the ugly xml-tree-like format.

By the way, trying to click the help icon for dynamic values opens the documentation to a page[1] that doesn't load due to an encoded '#' symbol (%23). Again, a sign of a final product with very little QA, being sold at a fairly premium price for which one expects quality.

The UI and interactions are far from seamless. The constant harassment of a popup trying to get me to upgrade is the last straw. When a user is on trial, you don't interrupt their workflow every few minutes.

[1] https://paw.cloud/docs/dynamic-values/response%23Response_Bo...

For what it's worth, I've been using this app for over a year and I haven't been noticing the issues you're talking about. My request list probably contains hundreds of requests from different projects grouped into folders.

I've tried using postman but it just isn't the same. Paw is much more efficient with screen space, and I love being able to copy any request from Chrome directly into paw and being able to tinker with it right away.

I agree with you on the default JSON response format. I was also manually switching it over to JSON Text every time. However, yesterday I found the preference setting - It's in Preferences > Response > .json, you can change the format to JSON Text there.

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