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On the Subject of Water. > Sorek can produce a thousand litres of drinking water for 58 cents. I am guessing this is the cost to produce and not the final cost to Homeowners. How much further down can we reduce this cost? I am guessing this is close to the limit of efficiency, any more reduction will have to come from cheaper energy source? Since Nuclear Power requires lots of water, would the both makes sense working together?

Most countries have leaky water around pipes. UK lose around 20%, US is a little above 10%. Are the any innovation that we can shrink this number? I dont see why this cant be within 98%+ region. What is stopping it?

The age and number of the pipes. It's easy to underestimate the scale of the problem. There's been a replacement process going on in London to replace ancient cast iron and wooden box piping on the mains supply for the past few years. That's mostly Victorian and earlier installations, but there isn't anything like a full inventory of where they are, and sometimes what they find is that the original pipe has completely disintegrated: the water is just flowing through the void in the clay.

I do know of one case (not in London) where complaints about the quality of a house's water led to the discovery that it was, via a somewhat convoluted plumbing route, still drawing water from the nearby river via Roman pipework.

If you can find a leak, stopping it is usually straightforward, but on a colossal, heterogeneous and patchily documented pipe network like the UK's, the best you can do is patch it up as you go along.

Google polypropylene piping. A standard in continental Europe since eighties, added to building codes across NA just few years ago.

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