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I'm very happy that Apple open sourced Swift.

Chris and his crew are amazing and the vibrant community definitely helps/challenge them and will bring us things like:

  - concurrency (at least planned)
  - cyclone/rust memory model!
  - scripting 
  - syntactic sugras

Unfortunately, the free version of Foundation, the library that implements the features lacking in Swift's standard library is still dreadfully incomplete (eg. networking is unusable).

Can you expand on the memory model?

Got any links with more information?

I assume you read this from the post:

- Memory ownership model: Adding an (opt-in) Cyclone/Rust inspired memory ownership model to Swift is highly desired by systems programmers and folks who want predictable and deterministic performance (for example, in real time audio processing code). More pertinent to the goals of Swift 4, this feature is important because it fundamentally shapes the ABI. It informs code generation for “inout", how low-level “addressors” work in the ABI, impacts the Swift runtime, and will have a significant impact on the type system and name mangling.

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