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Building a browser-based test automation server on the Google Cloud Platform (github.com)
86 points by seleniumbase on July 30, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

Cool! Why'd you roll your own MySQL instead of using Cloud SQL though? With Cloud SQL 2nd Generation you get a managed database even on an f1-micro for less than $10.

I just looked at the Cloud SQL ReadMe at https://cloud.google.com/sql/ and it definitely looks cool. The MySQL component in SeleniumBase that you saw has been there from the early days, before I started working with Google Cloud. I've got a long list of features to add in the near future, and Cloud SQL can definitely be one. Thanks for the idea!

I've started using docker and docker-compose for browser automation.

Edit - I blogged about the basics of my setup - https://stacktoheap.com/blog/2016/01/04/running-webdriverio-...

I built a Docker integration for SeleniumBase. You can find all the info in the Docker ReadMe: https://github.com/seleniumbase/SeleniumBase/blob/master/int...

On the topic of convenience and flexibilty, I've made it easier to use the Selenium Grid Hub: https://github.com/seleniumbase/SeleniumBase/tree/master/int...

Mind expanding a bit more?

My guess is parallel testing.

Or you can use https://loadfocus.com for only £10.95 per month, even cheaper and without having to do all the extra work.

Hi, loadfocus looks very good. We currently use loader.io and browserstack.

Quick question: does your load testing support websockets?

Glad to see them using Bitnami images :)

That makes setup super easy! :)

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