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> - First class concurrency: Actors, async/await, atomicity, memory model, and related topics. This area is highly desired by everyone, as it will open the door for all sorts of new things on the client, server and more. We plan to start formal discussions about this in Phase 2, but it is unfortunately crystal clear that a new concurrency model won’t be done in time for the Swift 4 release. This is simply because it will take more than a 12 months to design and build, and we want to make sure to take time to do it right. It also makes sense for the memory ownership model to be better understood before taking this on.

It's great to hear planning and discussion on this is beginning, and that they're being honest upfront about the timeline to see it implemented.

Discussion on this issue began at least 10 months ago, according to the "Concurrency" proposal in the repository:


The news here is really an update that they're still thinking about it and it won't be in Swift 4.

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