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Paw is a great tool, but I can also attest to the excellent support of the developer. I made a mistake when uninstalling it off my old Mac, and found myself unable to activate the serial on my new Mac. Micha replied personally, took me at my word regard the issue I was having, and immediately added a second seat to my serial for free, as the simplest way to guarantee I'd never have the problem again. I appreciated that.

Secondly, there are indeed many similar tools, but I've found that Paw in particular has well-thought-out implementations of a number of useful features (cookies, JSON parsing, auth methods, history) as well as a neat way of managing requests across environments e.g. dev machine vs test server vs production API.

Paw isn't the only tool I use when testing/developing API endpoints, but I find it to be the most featureful while also playing nice as a Mac app, with a decent UI and the expected things like remembering my previous window positions/states the next time I launch it.

Exactly. My interactions with support have all been fantastic and the app is, for me, by far the most featureful and robust tool in this space. And they're continually adding additional features.

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