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Kind of an incomplete article as there is no mention of the environmental cost. Desalination is not a magic solution. Everything is a trade off. Desalination means pumping salt back into the ocean which just compounds the problem.

I completely agree. Swift's lack of desalinization is a critical problem for users. :-)


When you add syntactic sugar, you don't need so much salt.

But it might cause cancer of the semicolon :)

You should do an IAMA.

You're in the wrong place, but your argument doesn't make much sense either. The water also quickly ends up back in the ocean. Salt levels don't change.

(You could argue about a miniscule temporary rise in salt levels, but that's more than counteracted by drained reservoirs and melted glaciers, which means the plants are actually minusculely helping the environment be closer to where it was historically.)

The people over at https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12191089 might have something to say about that!

oops I think you commented the wrong thread

This seems to happen enough that I'm curious if people are using funny clients (though alikhan82 is new as of 5 hours ago) or if there's a race in the HN code. It seems improbable that someone would be typing this desalination comment into this article and not the one about Israeli desalination projects. @alikhan82 are you using the standard web page or accessing HN through some other client?

I don't find it that improbable to think it may have been typed into the wrong page by the user. If you open a lot of HN discussion pages first and then open the articles they link to via the discussion pages in new tabs and you switch to read an article (like I do) and you then go back to comment on it, I can see how someone ends up commenting in the wrong thread. Especially, I think, it would be easy to make that mistake if you have a strong opinion about the matter of the article because if you get worked up and eager to say something about it, you might be more focused on the comment entry box and not notice that the title and other comments don't match.

Well, that was meant to go here I guess...


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