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Also: limping, injured cows and dogs (with broken legs and bashed in skulls) hobble along the middles of the roads, red lights usually have no meaning, there is literally no concept of a stop sign. Life is cheap. The population is excessive. There's a basic break-down of order. At night cars with wealthy "gangsters" roam to pick up street children to rape them and then drop them off at some random place. The children often don't know what happened (think Slum Dog Millionaire).

Source: from there originally. Been there once in the last 10 years. Saw little had changed. Vowed never to go back.

Never heard about the gangster / street children phenomenon. Do you have something I can read up on, or an extended anecdote to share?

Lived all my life here in (various parts of) India but never seen or even heard about the gangster / street children phenomenon. Some more info on this would certainly be useful.

I shouldn't have written "gangsters." I meant "people." I've been listening to too much rap music.

India is a pervert's paradise. There are 10s of street children on any large street who will let you do anything in exchange for a meal. Sadly, for a short while, I lived at a place near where these kids were regularly dropped off. That's how I learned about it. The police won't talk about it (it'll make them look bad, plus they may actually be facilitating the process). The press won't talk about it I don't know why.

Everything in Slum Dog Millionaire is true. It happens. But before that movie, 50% of India didn't know it (the "better" half).

Women are raped inside police stations every day in India. By policemen. Who often get promotions after the act. There will still be Indians who will claim ignorance.

I was once in a commercial truck, and we were stopped in the middle of the road by the police. All our permits were in order. We still had to pay off the police to be allowed to move on.

The last time I was in India, the day I left the country, 50 people were killed by some group somewhere. In the news headlines, there was a statement from the Chief Minister of that state, from the Home Minister of India, and that's it. The news then moved on to what the Bachchans were up to that day. There were no names of the people killed. No clue who did it. There's no wikipedia page mentioning the massacre. If 10 people are killed in a Western Country, you can bet there's a wiki about it. With their names. And with a lot of closure on the incident.

It'll change. It'll take time. I'm hopeful. The internet will make a difference. Hopefully people will slow down breeding (my grandparents collectively had 20 cildren, I'm childfree for life).

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