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How I wish for a lisp like Clojure with a type system like Haskell...

Hope core.typed will be that!

Have you looked at Typed Racket? They are doing some amazing things with rich type systems and gradual typing. You can get the best of both dynamic languages and statically typed ones by introducing types gradually as you develop. I quite like their model for types.

I like Haskell also, but I feel Haskell is less readable than a lisp. But I will concede, this might be because I have been writing lisps longer than I have worked with Haskell.

Sadly haven't, because I have not had a reason to need it. Working with Clojure mostly. I like how Typed Racket "carries" the types with it when code from it is imported into other languages (like untyped Racket) via contracts.

Lisps are definitely the most readable language - and with something like Smartparens or Paredit, combined with Rainbow-delimiters in Emacs it's the best programming I know by very very far.

What is your experience of Typed Racket?

But will it have type inference? Haskell would be unbearably wordy without it.

Take a look at Shen.

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