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I love using Paw. I'm no longer in the building phase of my service, but when I was defining my API and testing endpoints, Paw was critical in the process.

My main feature request (and I'm not sure if any competitor does this, so please inform me if it exists somewhere):

While Paw allows me to export code, which is cool and all, it would be very interesting to allow me to compose workflows, like, say Automator in macOS, including assertions, so that I could essentially compose and export integration tests with Paw. It'd be neat to see some more generally API-definition features hit Paw, or maybe a companion app that plays nicely with Paw to do the definition half of things, compatible with Swagger and whatnot.

Clearly not a well-thought-out idea, but I think there's space in Paw's domain for some form of what I'm talking about.

We have actually two ideas in this area. First, as you mentioned, assertion testing. We've recently published a workaround (as a joke, but it's actually working :D) https://blog.paw.cloud/posts/secret-path-to-paw-assertions/ but a real alternative is coming next.

Second, we are currently brainstorming around the idea of a good automation app. So somehow the two ideas may merge. We're not sure yet what would make sense for automation, but for assertions testing, for sure it's in the pipeline!

-Micha from Paw

Love your interest in the community. Thanks for hearing me out!

This is similar to Postman's test runner feature. You can export a collection of requests and even write simple assertions in javascript.

Although it looks like Paw has potential for something similar with its extensions. It already has some sort of javascript availability.


Being able to potentially export out to JMeter format (or generate Gatling Scala scenarios) would be awesome, because the JMeter GUI is so horribly awful.

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