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Would love to see built-in HAR import/export

AFAIK its import/export features are plugin based. Write it!

That's very true :) You can write custom extensions for Paw, and they can be then shared with the community.

But anyway, there's already a HAR importer, you can install it here as an extension https://paw.cloud/extensions/HARImporter

Also, we're working on a powerful API format transformer that we will release more officially soon, but it's already on GitHub: https://github.com/luckymarmot/api-flow That will allow us to release exporters for Swagger, RAML, HAR soon as well as formats of other clients like Postman and DHC Client.

If you're curious about writing an exporter/generator though here are some steps: https://paw.cloud/docs/extensions/create-code-generator

(Disclaimer, Paw guy here…)

Extension APIs mostly are a minus. It's mostly used as an excuse for not shipping features.

We are making over half of the available extensions, it's a good way to ship small features to users that need them without a full blown update. Also it keeps the app simple for users that only need to key feature set. Check out our GitHub: https://github.com/luckymarmot We have someone full time on the extention now, in addtion to other team mebembers spending time as well (disclaimer member of Paw team here..)

Disagree. If you implement every possible feature as a first-class deployed feature, your software is going to be (1) huge and (2) so confusing.

Implement core features, then implement a great API for 3P (or your own!) developers to add rich feature sets to the app that some demographics might find helpful.

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