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For those who want something that works really well, with a very nice UI and is free, I would highly recommend Insomnia for Google Chrome (it functions as a standalone app outside of Chrome).


Hadn't heard of this, but I am familiar with mashape. Their stuff is solid.

Though, it looks like it is in beta, and I don't see any way to do cloud/team syncing.

The latest version (3.0) appears to be in beta, but 2.x is stable and I've been using it for at least a year. It doesn't have cloud/team syncing (at least in 2.x), but it does allow you to export request groups as JSON which can be shared/versioned. For being free and cross-platform, that seems good enough for me.

Hi there. I'm the creator of insomnia and just want to say thanks for the recommendation.

So far, 3.0 ditches the Chrome dependency and provides a much nicer UI, but more advanced features like sync and versioning are in the works!

~ Gregory

Postman went through a similar progression. For me I need team/cloud syncing that goes beyond shipping around a JSON file. Although it looks like the new PAW team syncing might be leveraging git behind the scenes.

Why do these things insist on launching in their own window? This got uninstalled just as fast as Postman. There's no reason for those things to force an app icon and a separate window.

Didn't know about this. Thanks!

I also recommend Insomnia. It's super productive and easy to use.

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