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I've been using Postman for a couple of year now if I recall correctly. It's an absolute timesaver for me when developing and using an API.

Paw looks really good. I'll definitely give that a try, especially if the team sharing features are good.

I've used Postman on and off but I just find the UI more burdensome than it's worth and use one of the more simple rest clients and curl for when I'm really trying to string together some complicated requests.

Paw looks gorgeous and very nicely featured. Let's see how it works on Monday against the Niantic APIs :)

Postman is decent. But it takes too many click to do things like managing environment variables. Then there's the double-scrolling issue when reading responses which is atrocious; the response text is placed in a scrollable field - and that field has the parent window which also scrollable. Having to operate nested scrollbars to read every single response - which is the most frequent task you are performing - ruins the entire application.

I hadn't heard of Paw, but based on the screenshots and positive reviews in the comments, I'll be giving the trial a go. Fingers crossed!

Used it about a year. Happy with it. Has a few nice shortcuts (though can't speak to how those compare to Postman)

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