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How is this different from Postman? It seems very similar, but Postman is free and has other really awesome features (like being able to export tests and run them in the command line).

The UX is 1000x better. Faster load up, more intuitive keyboard/mouse navigation, etc etc.

The main thing for me was that it's a proper native app. It works really well, takes advantage of the native OS APIs and is a better product because of it.

Which to me in this case just means "I can only run this on my work Macbook, and not on my personal Linux or Windows machines, or on a Chromebook."

That is a major advantage of postman, but the reality for me is that I use an API client like this when I'm building and API. I'm on my mac and Paw is the best, most productive option.

I've been giving feedback to the postman team and hope to see it continue to improve. The electron desktop app was a big step forward, but there is still lots of room to improve.

Hypernap is a proper native app and less than a tenth the cost of Paw...



Hypernap may be a native app, but it's certainly not beautiful or fully featured. It uses the most basic interface elements thrown together in a messy soup. I have immense respect for people who manage to develop native apps, but when the interface looks like it was implemented as someone's very first experiment in XCode... well, there's a reason you don't pay much.

I don't understand why developers throw their arms in the air over pricing. Try out the app; if it has everything you will ever need out of such a tool and it greatly improves your productivity every single day... a one-time $50 payment is nothing. It's the cost of going out for dinner one evening.

But it isn't as nice and it doesn't have any solution for cloud/team syncing, right?

Commenter mentioned OSX native app being the main thing for them. It is an OSX native app.

But no, it's not a good team solution.

And I'd agree that Paw is subjectively more "nice", but I'm not sure I'd agree it's 12x more nice...

If it were $9.99 instead of $49.99, I would have already purchased it. As it stands, I'm sticking with Hypernap, which gets the job done for my needs.

It doesn't have to be 12x better. It only has to save you $45 worth of time more than a $5 alternative, or $50 more than a free alternative. Most engineers are paid on the order of $30-$150/hour, depending on whether full-time, contractor, level of experience, etc. So, it has to save about 1.5 hours over the alternatives to be worth the price.

I don't know if it does that, as I've never used it, and don't use macOS.

There are other things it could save instead of or in addition to time: Hassle, maybe it doesn't have any external dependencies or complicated setup; stress, maybe it works reliably while others are buggy and unreliable; etc.

Again, I don't know. And, I tend to choose OSS solutions, even when it costs me more time/hassle/stress. But, there's a number of reasons one might choose a more expensive tool that does roughly the same job as lower cost alternatives, and it might be the right economic decision to do so.

Postman isn't free if you are using team syncing. They are both $X/user/month.

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