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I agree with the main point of this article but in terms of its analysis and prescriptions I think it gets two things backwards. (1) Most scientists seek fame as a means to the end of getting tenure and funding, not the other way around; if you gave them tenure (and the ability to move their tenure to somewhere else if they wanted to move) and perpetual funding and told them they could choose to be anonymous, I think many would choose that option. (2) Replication is not done/published enough because the incentive to do so (measured in: increase in probability of getting tenure per hour spent) is not high enough, not because people are overly willing to accept unreplicated work.

In order for a lot more replication to get published, what would be needed would be for people who spent their careers replicating others' results (at the expense of not producing any important novel results of their own) to get tenure at top institutions (outcompeting others who had important novel results but not enough published replications).

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