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In the world of chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology a huge step forward would be for journals to require a complete list of products used. The publication should also include the certification of analysis for each item as they vary over time.

For example, here are two product specifications for a dye called Sirius Red, the first by Sigma-Aldrich[1] and the second by Chem-Impex[2]. The Sigma-Aldrich product contains 25% dye while the Chem-Impex contains equal or greater than 21%. These two dyes could be quickly assessed with a spectrophotometer in order to determine an equivalency, however you need both dyes on hand which doesn't seems like a good use of funding. Also this touches on another problem in replication which is, what is in the other 75%+ of the bottle?

[1] http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/Graphics/COfAInfo/SigmaSAPQM/SPE... [2] http://www.chemimpex.com/MSDSDoc/22913.pdf

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