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I'm not the person you asked. But for me, I think we have for too-long "fought" pure progress in the name of social-welfare and protection. So much so that that effort affects and pervades every facet of life. Just look around you and think how many jobs would not exist, or how many generations of people would not have made it this far if it weren't for societal-level intervention on the part of a state. The net-result of that is that if we were to now have some sort of revolutionary piece of progress, it would displace millions if not billions of individuals. Of course that is bad.

I know it sounds cruel to talk about people like a resource or as an animal, but that is precisely how I see society as treating lots of us in the name of a greater good. Under the guise of social-welfare we've increased our numbers to levels that never would have occurred naturally by us simply taking care of the really needy.

So now we're stuck in this predicament. Either we progress our society, and potentially affect a lot of people negatively. Or help everyone slightly-struggling and below out by preventing a technological-revolution so we can grow a bit at a time, and delay the problem for the next generation.

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