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For #3, wouldn't the AI defending against hacks need to be a hacking AI itself? It would need to find vulnerabilities in the systems it protects in order to plug them before other AI's find them.


The moment I saw this project start, the first thing I thought was, "Isn't this how all terrible things are created, by trying to avoid having them be created?".

I wonder if the long-term strategy will be called Mutually-Assured Obsolescenceā„¢.

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skynet_(Terminator)

Yes and no. The analogy of 'attack' and 'defense' in hacking comes from the military. So to extend that analogy, defensive missiles are still missiles, but they are unquestionably different from offensive missiles.

The point is that in this analogy, no missiles exist yet. Nobody's gone to the effort to figure that out. And then someone says "somebody might figure this out an weaponize it! we gotta figure out how to neutralize it!" and then they do the fundamental research to figure out how to make a missile at all. Now you "just" have to swap out the guidance package and instead of a defensive missile, you've got an offensive on.

Making an AI that finds vulnerabilities is the hard part. Doing an offensive thing or a defensive thing is much easier if you've got an AI that's just spewing out vulns. They don't need to be tightly coupled at all.

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