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On a related note: since I consider writing my next Android App in Clojure, how feasible is it to port from Clojure to another LISP/Scheme? I think Gambit Scheme can be used to write iPhone apps.

I have been considering using Clojure for Android, too. My primary concerns are that it takes a long time to start up, and runs slowly. My understanding is that by default, Clojure depends heavily on a dynamic runtime, and Dalvik, the Android virtual machine, makes introspection quite expensive. See Remco van't Veer's posts on the clojure group. (He's the guy behind the clojure-android fork.)

What about using Kawa Scheme, like Hal Abelson did with App Inventor for Android?

I'm considering alternatives like that, but I am also quite excited about clojure generally (love the idea behind its concurrency semantics), and its interop with Java means that recoding the tight loops ought to be very easy...

Clojure on Android is simply too damn slow. Scala's the best I've been able to find that was a good compromise between pleasant and performant for Android development. A friend of mine made a nice little environment to make things easier if you decide to go that route: http://code.google.com/p/scalaforandroid/

You would want to just rewrite it at that point.

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