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I've seen lots of stickers on cars saying "the car is unlocked, and there's nothing valuable inside".

The unlocking in the hopes of preventing a window smash.

Yep - very common with owners of convertibles. Preventing people from slashing the top to get in, which is of course a very costly repair.

To some people the unlocked car is the valuable item and not the crap inside it. Not that door locks would stop them anyway.

Reminds me of a joke.

I leave my car with a sign hanging from the mirror that clearly states that no valuables are inside.

One day I go to my car with a broken window and a new sign that says "just checking".

You can get into the unlocked car without a key, but you can't start it. At least not without shenanigans. Yes, the door wouldn't really stop someone from taking your whole car.

What I would be worried about when leaving my car open is eg other people sleeping in it. (I wouldn't mind too much, as long as they are clean. But that's too much to ask for.)

Fortunately, I do not own a car in the first place.

That is assuming the car can't be hotwired?

If you can hotwire a car, you can also smash the window to get in.

Leaving the car open is mostly to forestall people opportunistically smashing the window and looking for valuables.

Fencing a whole car is much harder than fencing some smaller loot.

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