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I think the question is more—if you start by assuming they've seen in your bag, then what does gaining evidence to become more sure of that hypothesis get you? And, in contrast, what can you do with the information that at least this time, they didn't look?

Because, in the end, it's still an invasion. I always assume it will happen, but there's some small comfort in knowing this time it didn't.

Especially, as it is, that I find the security theater of the TSA both absurd and to be a gross and unnecessary invasion of privacy. But I am faced with the alternative of simply not traveling, and being forced to choose between the two... well, like I said - to me, anyway, there's some small comfort in knowing this time, at least, some dignity remains.

I realize it may be illogical, but emotions often are.

But you're only setting yourself up for disappointment by expecting them not to look. They are very explicit that they randomly screen bags so getting upset when they actually do it is pointless.

The lesson is son, never try. -Homer Simpson

He expects that they may invade his privacy, he just gets a nice surprise when they don't.

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