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Please dont post affiliate/tracker links here. Its bad practice. Here is a non cookied Amazon link:


Did j4kp07 edit his link? There's no affiliate tag in there.

People get concerned about the stuff like "ref=sr_1_2" in Amazon urls (but it's just some internal thing they use to track searches or something).

It's also the case that making noise about occasional, topical referrers is going to be less useful than the occasional, topical link. Of course it shouldn't be okay to make work out of posting them, but who cares if someone adds one to a link that is worth posting otherwise.

Why not? The commenter is providing a service by informing us of a relevant, potentially useful product. He/she should be rewarded for such information.

It gives ulterior incentives. I don't think it aligns with the interests of this forum.

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