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Even a shitty bolt cutter would work on these locks right?

The purpose of most locks of this size is to make it visible if somebody broke it, and conspicuous to perform the act of breaking the lock. Sort of like a bike lock: the purpose is not to make it impossible to steal; that's impossible to do with anything lightweight. The purpose is to make it impossible with anything less noisy than an angle grinder.

In this case, the greatest threat is still the TSA agent or hotel maid entering your room, since you shouldn't be leaving your bag unattended with anyone else.

Except that with a TSA lock you can probably just replace it after you break it, most of them are very similar and brands are fairly obvious.

The victim's key wouldn't work on the new lock.

Sure they would, just give them a key pinned to open with any key :D

Yes. But that's not the _point_ of the locks. The point is to keep the 'honest' baggage handlers honest by putting a small hurdle between them and freely rifling through one's bag looking for something of value to snag.


Trust baggage handlers about as far as you can throw them.

Yup. And suitcase zippers can be pried apart and put back together without any trouble[1], so the locks are pointless for actual security. I use them, but only for some protection from pickpockets, not for securing the suitcase while it's in the airline's hands.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW8SJZBVR9s

The ones that came with my luggage didn't even need a bolt cutter. The interior dull cutting edge on a pair of needlenose pliers worked on them :\

A shim might work too.

Most of these locks are attached to zipper pulls that you could just rip off with your hands.

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